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On-Demand Webinar Learn how cookieless activations and measurement are possible today See Cookieless Activation and Measurement in Action

The advertising landscape on the open internet is changing rapidly as the technology of the past starts to crumble. Google may have called extra time on the demise of the third-party cookie, but brands, agencies, publishers, and technology companies should remain focused on finding a long-term alternative. Our clients want to avoid swapping a mad-dash in 2021 for a mad-dash in 2023 and are ready to activate parts of the open internet that are currently inaccessible, such as Safari and Firefox browser environments.

Quantcast enables activation and measurement, independent of third-party cookies in the Quantcast Platform, and we’re excited to share these future-proofed capabilities with you.
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Isha Chhatwal Product Manager, Consumer Privacy and Identity
Rohini Sen Head of Insights at Quantcast