Experiment smarter. Innovate faster.

No need to hunt for data. Get actionable campaign insights at your fingertips.

Get the full picture of your audience journey

Use the Funnel Visualizer to understand how metrics vary across different audience demographics each step of the way.

Limit audience overlap and ensure unique reach

Learn about unique customers reached and how audiences overlap across campaigns. Adjust media investments towards campaigns that deliver distinct audiences.

Understand how models adapt to real-time behaviors

Use the weekly conversion change summary to spot the largest contributors to positive and negative changes in weekly conversions trends. Identify attributes that are performing consistently to easily experiment with new ideas.

Learn how customers engage with your website

Demonstrate the impact of your campaign beyond the conversion with site activity contributions. See how customers exposed to your campaign were influenced to engage with various pages of your site.

Customers are our passion

“The insights tool was great for providing a thorough breakdown of performance which made the optimisation process seamless.”
Elizabeth Anastassiadi
Senior Programmatic Trader
“The Quantcast platform can be a really good tool to pick out golden nuggets to clients in weekly reporting, beyond the commentary that our traders can provide. I often screenshot graphs from the platform for reporting, they are well laid out and easy on the eye. Quantcast is really beneficial for planners to use too, not just the traders.”
Maura Gaylord
Account Manager

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