Gain an Immediate Cookieless Advantage

Acquire new customers, measure effectiveness, and drive better results today

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Better Performance Today and into the Future


lower CPA in cookieless environment vs cookies, on average


lower CPMs in cookieless environment vs cookies, on average

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Ready, Set, Cookieless!

Future-proof your business with Quantcast cookieless capabilities, which use our expansive first-party data and AI/ML to reach new and existing audiences.

Reach audiences effectively

Realize better performance by activating cookieless today. Evaluate audience size and then leverage our first-party data to find consumers in previously inaccessible environments.

Measure outcomes

Assess audiences and inventory you may have missed with our fully integrated platform to understand the impact of activating cookieless.

Future-proof your business

Exceed your advertising objectives using our AI/ML engine Ara® to find and scale customers in environments with and without cookies.

Leverage our experience

We’ve mastered cookieless with many clients — let us apply our learnings based on your needs, to help you now and in the future.

Cookieless Advertising Campaign Setup

PLANNING Discover untapped audiences in cookieless environments

Forecasting makes planning easy by providing estimates for audience size and delivery.

Evaluate how applying cookieless inventory affects scale and performance.

Cookieless Actication Dashboard

ACTIVATION Achieve market-leading returns

Cookieless environments can be enabled globally, for a range of objectives across the entire customer journey.

Choose between activating blended or exclusively cookieless inventory to achieve your campaign objectives.

MEASUREMENT Get exceptional results and insights

Optimize and get actionable insights with campaign delivery metrics such as spend, impressions, uniques, clicks and conversions in environments with and without third-party cookies to inform future campaigns.

Taylor Bently Pmg Co

“With Quantast’s cookieless solution, we’re finally hitting audiences that we weren’t necessarily able to prior to being able to target cookieless environments.”

Taylor Bentley
Senior Programmatic Media Manager
Christopher Barr Add3 Agency

Quantcast’s one-click cookieless solution allows us to not only activate audiences without third-party cookies, but also gives us the ability to measure results and optimize campaigns based on that information.”

Christopher Barr
Senior Account Manager
Joseph Mckenna Msix Agency

“With Quantcast’s cookieless solution, we’re able to target more of our audience and in environments where we previously couldn’t reach them, resulting in increased exposure, onsite actions, and greater campaign effectiveness.”

Joseph McKenna
Head of Programmatic UK & Worldwide
Sharareh Abbassi Symprove

The Quantcast Platform’s cookieless activation and measurement capabilities have been a game-changer, allowing us to explore new and existing audiences in cookieless environments, as well as measure the effectiveness of these campaigns.”

Sharareh Abbassi
Marketing Consultant Barding LTD

An innovative recipe for success

Ara Signals Webpage

Ara Topic Map

Ara, our AI/ML engine, leverages multiple signals including our unique first-party data set from over 100M+ web and mobile destinations, custom-built contextual technology, consent, and more to drive stronger performance for your campaigns.

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Quantcast Platform named a “next-generation DSP 2.0” that halves time spent while delivering top performance

“The result [of the Platform] is top performance at maximum cost efficiency. Quantcast delivers a strategic edge and preparedness for the future amid changes in the digital marketing space.”


increase in customer conversions


time savings

Cookieless solutions available today

Quantcast has innovative solutions for activation and measurement in cookieless environments.

Want to learn more? Get in touch today.