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Vodafone dials up higher quality leads and more sales with Quantcast’s cookieless advertising solution

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Vodafone is a leading global telecommunications company.

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“As we prepare for a future without third-party cookies, Quantcast has emerged as a strategic partner, thanks to its cutting-edge approach. Their solution has allowed us to fully seize the opportunities of the open internet and embrace the future with greater confidence.”

Francesca Grassi Mantelli
Head of Digital Marketing
Vodafone Italy


With Google’s deprecation of the third-party cookie right around the corner, brands around the world are actively seeking ways to future-proof their digital advertising. Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, recognized that with popular browsers such as Safari and Firefox already blocking cookies, a significant share of internet activity and prospective customers was already beyond the reach of traditional cookie-based advertising. To accurately assess this opportunity, Vodafone sought a technology that could cost-effectively reach audiences and drive incremental sales with measurable customer conversions in cookieless environments.


Working with Quantcast, Vodafone activated performance campaigns with a customer acquisition objective. To allow comparative analysis identical campaigns were executed, one using cookies and one entirely cookieless. With campaign objectives and constraints specified by Vodafone, Quantcast’s technology went to work using autonomous campaign execution to select audiences, optimize the campaigns and deliver feedback through comprehensive campaign insights that now includes cookieless conversion reporting. Vodafone was able to directly assess how prospecting for new customers in cookieless environments compared and contrasted to cookie-based approaches.


The cookieless campaign drove efficient incremental outcomes for Vodafone, clearly demonstrating the business advantage that can be realized today with Quantcast cookieless advertising. A full 40% of the total sales were generated through cookieless advertising. The quality of leads originated by cookieless advertising were markedly superior, converting to sales at a 25% higher rate and resulting in a 20% lower cost per sale in cookieless environments.

Highlighted Stats Incredible results with cookieless advertising

  • Higher quality leads:
    +25% converting to sales
  • Incremental sales:
    40%+ of sales from cookieless
  • Exceptional sales efficiency:
    20%+ improvement in cost per sale

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