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 Brand Lift Live by Quantcast ™ Measure the Live Impact of Your Brand Advertising

Brand Lift Live by Quantcast helps you optimize results in real time throughout your campaigns, driving efficient reach towards those who are considering your brand and away from those who will never consider your brand.

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“Brand Lift Live helped to take our brand campaign learnings to the next level, by giving us real-world insights that can be implemented quickly and effectively.”

Grace Bailey
Senior Marketing Manager,
Auto Trader

Why use Brand Lift Live?

Measure Brand Lift and Optimize in Real time. Measure Your Optimize Real-time Brand Lift
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Make campaign data actionable

No more analyzing results only post-campaign. Optimize your campaigns across frequency, creative, messaging, and audience to maximize brand lift throughout the campaign.

Set up and activate in seconds

Create and launch brand lift surveys quickly and easily, directly with the Quantcast Platform. Save valuable time by eliminating the need to loop in a conventional research partner.

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Home in on your most influenceable audience

Find and amplify customers most receptive to your messaging by viewing granular real-time insights. Make optimizations to avoid wasted spend on users who are likely never going to consider your brand.

In-depth, real-time insights at your fingertips

Campaign Overview

See an overview of your survey results in an easily digestible chart comparing the control group to the exposed group.


Break down your results by demographic to see which audiences are performing best.


Observe how your results are performing across devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet, and CTV.


See how your mid-campaign optimizations are impacting total brand lift on a day-to-day basis.


Discover the frequency levels delivering the greatest campaign lift.


Compare your creative performance to fully understand the impact of each ad unit.

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Get started with Brand Lift Live today! Maximize the impact of your marketing spend.